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A Fashion-Forward Affair with LaQuan Smith

The collaboration between FOREO and LaQuan Smith seamlessly integrated skincare and fashion, amplifying brand visibility with the motto, “Good skin never goes out of style!” By featuring FOREO products in LaQuan Smith’s fashion show and engaging in after-party sponsorship, the partnership deepened audience engagement and solidified FOREO’s connection to the fashion industry.

Additionally, the partnership supported emerging talent, exemplifying FOREO’s commitment to nurturing creativity within the fashion sector.


Katy Perry & FOREO's Desert Chic Oasis

FOREO partnered up with pop icon Katy Perry and H.wood Group for her exclusive Footwear Launch Brunch in the Desert event, integrating FOREO products into the attendee experience. This prestigious gathering attracted a collective social media following exceeding 18 million, with an exceptional 30% repost rate amplifying brand reach. Notably, this figure did not include an additional 70 million followers from Katy Perry’s audience alone.

Orchestrating a multifaceted marketing approach, FOREO achieved an unprecedented 900% growth trajectory for the primary Instagram channel. Spearheading influencer marketing campaigns resulted in a tenfold audience expansion, firmly positioning FOREO as a dominant force in the competitive market landscape.


3 LOVES & Condé Nast's Wellness Takeover

Experience the fusion of wellness and beauty as 3 LOVES, the functional wellness beauty drink, partnered with Condé Nast, the global media powerhouse, for an unforgettable takeover of their communal lounge space at their One World Trade NYC offices. The event was a vibrant celebration, filled with excitement and energy, featuring an exclusive Happy Hour mix highlighting the signature Beautini cocktail—a tantalizing blend of 3 LOVES glow-up drinks.

On May 24th, attendees immersed themselves in a day of interaction and discovery as 3 LOVES mingled with Condé Nast’s media elite, placing products directly into the hands of key editors from renowned publications like VOGUE, Allure, and more. And the excitement didn’t stop there; 3 LOVES continued to stock the fridges at One World Trade and CA offices, ensuring a daily dose of beauty and wellness at their fingertips.