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Chrissy Teigen x FOREO LUNA 3 Launch

FOREO’s partnership with Chrissy Teigen for the LUNA 3 launch was a massive success, generating extensive press coverage and engaging a massive audience. With 77 organic PR features reaching 68 million, two national broadcasts reaching 3.8 million, and social media content reaching 1.4 million, the campaign surpassed all expectations.

The $564,000 investment yielded $1,760,951 in PR and social media coverage, alongside on-site sales totaling $29,789.81 gross and $19,096.41 net. As a result, FOREO secured a deal with Equinox to feature their products nationwide, cementing the campaign’s impact and success.


LUNA fofo™ , Your Personal Skincare Coach!

FOREO’s first “Smart” app-driven device LUNA fofo™ was featured in FabFitFun’s SUMMER & POST-SUMMER 2018 BOXES, introducing subscribers to intelligent facial cleansing. With 1 million units sent out, the campaign garnered over 303 million gross impressions, highlighting the device’s innovative approach to skincare.


FOREO making Waves in Latin America Through Music

In a strategic move to penetrate the Latin American market, FOREO leveraged the universal language of music through partnerships with iconic events like Calibash, The Latin Grammys, and The Latin Billboard Awards. Headlining Calibash Las Vegas with top-tier artists including Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, Bad Bunny, and Ricky Martin, we orchestrated a comprehensive marketing campaign across radio, billboards, and social media, amplifying brand presence.

Exclusive meet & greet sessions with JLO and Maluma for 7 prominent FOREO influencers catalyzed increased brand recognition and resonance. The campaign generated numerous organic social media posts, yielding 125.5K+ engagements and reaching 25M+ within the US Latin American demographic. Remarkably, it drove a 15% surge in US sales and a significant 10% expansion of market share in Latin America, cementing FOREO’s success in the region.


Uniting Music, Fashion, and Wellness

In this unprecedented concept partnership, Felhö collaborates with the incomparable Nicki Minaj, blending the worlds of CBD/wellness and music/fashion. Our aim? To launch a groundbreaking CBD lifestyle brand, fueled by this strategic alliance. Our primary objective is to create a seamless fusion that captivates audiences and propels our collective influence to new heights.

Through an intricate web of brand licensing, music integration, NFT, PR, pop activations, virtual concerts, and social media, we envision forging an unparalleled partnership like no other. Departing from tradition, we’ve chosen to present an immersive virtual pitch deck experience, drawing inspiration from Nicki Minaj’s highly anticipated 5th studio album. This interactive mock-up intertwines her musical artistry with the essence of our brand, Felhö, encapsulating the full scope and terms of this visionary launch campaign and endorsement deal.